Empress Victoria

About me

I have always been used to a life of privileges. My parents spoiled me, just as my partners and slaves do today.

But, in a certain way, they are the ones who are privileged - because they have the honour of serving me.
So in fact, I am the one that is generous, giving them the chance to do so.

The good slave will be grateful for the honour of serving me.
He will obey to all of my orders and he will do so with love, devotion and total submission.
The good slave will be utterly obedient, because I do punish failure immediately, without discussion or even mercy.

Let me be straight.
I will use you. You will have to do what I say. If you fail to meet my sophisticated demands you will be ignored.
I am not a mistress for lazy and boring slaves. I love to make you work for me. Doing things that make sense and are usefull for ME !

How am I going to use you ?
Well, maybe I will sit back to watch some TV, with my feet resting on your back. After several hours as my footstool, I may click my fingers and you will have the high honour of worshipping my perfect feet.
Or perhaps I will beat you black and blue even if you haven't done anything wrong.
After all, my fun and pleasure is all that matters.

What is the treatment that I personnally prefer ?
First of all thats humiliation and degradiation.
I deeply enjoy all kinds of flagellation, soft and hard spanking, also CBT and teasing nipple torture.
I absolutely appreciate my adorable feet or highheels being worshipped intensively and devotedly.
I want those that serve me to suffer, to obey to my whistle and just follow the click of my fingers, to read my lips and to love their slavery.
In fact, I merely exsist to be served.